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A Heartfelt Donation: Poway Road Mini Storage Supports Labrador Rescuers

The close-knit community and compassionate ethos at Poway Road Mini Storage goes beyond the safekeeping of possessions. Our spirit of giving extends into the community, with a particular soft spot for our furry, four-legged friends.

For September 2023, we turned our charitable gaze to the Labrador Rescuers, an organization close to our hearts and essential to many labs in need.

Why Labrador Rescuers?

Our choice to partner with Labrador Rescuers stems from our collective desire to help those who can't help themselves. This 100% non-profit animal rescue organization is a beacon of hope for unwanted Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes. Every year, countless labs come into their care, many with tales of hardship, neglect, and medical needs.

But it's not just about sheltering these wonderful dogs. Labrador Rescuers ensures that every dog under their wing receives essential healthcare, compassion, and the chance to experience love and care they might have missed out on.

The True Cost of Rescue

Rescuing isn't merely about offering shelter. The true cost involves medical care, training, food, and sometimes, rehabilitation from trauma. On average, the cost per dog rescued by Labrador Rescuers is approximately $900 from the moment they're taken in to the point they wag their tails in their forever homes.

Our donation is aimed at easing this financial burden, ensuring that every Labrador and Lab mix in the care of Labrador Rescuers receives the best possible treatment, care, and eventually, the loving home they deserve.

We at Poway Road Mini Storage are humbled to play a small part in this noble mission. To every Lab out there still waiting for a home, and to the countless volunteers and caregivers making a difference every day – we salute you!

For those inspired to contribute or to perhaps open their homes to a furry friend in need, we encourage you to connect with Labrador Rescuers and explore their mission further.

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