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Many of us are enjoying the final days of summer here in San Diego. Yet many students are gearing up to begin a new school year this month. It’s an exciting and hectic time for those who have college students heading out of town or roommates who are welcoming a new friend into an already full household.

As you get organized, keep in mind that our SDSS locations may have a Student Storage offer which applies to you. Make sure you take advantage of specials listed on our website or speak to our staff the next time you are on site.

Proper packing for self-storage can be a little tricky, so take the time to make a game plan. Remember, one of the benefits of using a self-storage facility is easy access to your belongings.

To pack up properly, we like using stackable plastic bins with a latch.  You can see what you’ve put in the bin, write on the lid or the sides, and know that it’s secure. We found this latching storage bin at Target. In fact, Target has an entire section dedicated to “College Storage & Organization.” We love it! There are a lot of great suggestions here for your home and ideas you can use to keep your storage space clutter-free. Take a moment and check it out!

Here are a few more helpful hints as you are headed back to school and organizing your home:

  • Write an inventory sheet listing everything you’ve packed in your storage space and in each box or bin. Make a copy of the inventory sheet in each bin and tape it on the front, so you know exactly which box you are looking for and what’s inside.
  • Store all of your items inside a plastic bin or cardboard box, or plan to put a cover over it. While we maintain a clean self storage facility, you can prevent your items from getting dusty or damaged if you pack them correctly. Of course, we sell packing materials, should you find yourself in need.
  • Pack any books you are storing in smaller boxes. You’ll avoid injury from trying to lift super-heavy boxes. Make sure to lay books flat, so that you protect the spine of the book.
  • Before you store your items, clean them up! Make sure any clothing or material is 100% dry (this prevents mildew). Dust your furniture and vacuum rugs or textiles before covering them or sealing items in protective bags.
  • Store your larger items first. Think about what you’ll need to regularly access and plan to put those items in the front.
  • Of course, put the heavier boxes at the bottom and store boxes and bins of the same size together. This is why we love those stacking plastic bins! If you prefer boxes, you can bring in your own shelving units inside the storage space to keep boxes neat and intact.
  • Plan where you will store which items so that you can save room for an aisle to regularly access your belongings.

Spending just a few minutes to organize your storage unit, before you arrive, will help you keep your space uncluttered and easily accessible. Taking care with items before they are stored will increase their usability and life span. Good luck with your move into or out of town and best wishes for a successful school year!

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