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Community Giving Project - April 2017 Bonus!


Everyone at San Diego Self Storage is proud to embark on the third year of our Community Giving Project, carrying on a tradition of giving back to San Diego. We love this project! San Diego Self Storage facilities span San Diego County from Temecula to Otay Mesa. We wanted to find a way for all 17 of our locations to develop meaningful ties to their local communities. We’ve given each site $500, which they may contribute to any organization they see fit. We’ve contributed to a variety of philanthropies, with charities benefiting children and animals at the top of the list. Our teams have also chosen to help fight cancer, contribute to local history and humanitarian efforts. The photos above show the variety of organizations which have benefited from the program. Below is an update on our most recent contributions.

El Cajon Dog and Cat Animal Rescue (EDCAR) has been rescuing homeless animals and finding them a place to call home for the past 10 years. EDCAR partners with Petco to rescue 200-300 animals per year.

Jamaica Point Self Storage chose to donate their $500.00 to EDCAR for the second time since the giving project began. The JPSS team finds that EDCAR founder, Mike Canaris, has an amazing heart, rescuing dogs and cats not only in U.S., but in Mexico as well. Not one animal is euthanized, and Mike fosters the rescued animals for as long as it takes to find these furry friends a forever home. JPSS Facility Manager, Rayleine Nungaray, said, “When I get a chance, I love going down to visit the pups and kitty-cats and donate whatever I can, whether it be time, money or food. Anything helps.”

The last time JPSS donated to EDCAR, Mike was able to pay for five spay/neuter procedures and vaccinations. The 2017 donation will make it possible for many of these animals, both young and old, to find their loving families.

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