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Community Giving Project - June 2018 Bonus!


At San Diego Self Storage, we believe that community involvement is at the forefront of what differentiates our company from competitors. Each year, we look forward to our San Diego Food Bank Drive and the Toys for Tots campaign. And throughout the year, each of our locations generously donates time and funds to their favorite and local charitable organizations. The team at San Diego Self Storage’s corporate office is delighted to support several more San Diego-based charities through the year, such as the San Diego Gulls Foundation, Connor’s Cause, Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program, Doors of Change, the San Diego Police Department's K-9 Unit and so many more.

National/54 Self Storage chose to make their contribution to ARTS (A Reason to Survive) once again this year. The team took some time to research organizations in National City and though they wanted to contribute to every single cause and organization they found, ARTS was one that continually stood out. The ARTS facility in National City serves as a remarkable hub for the youth in the community. ARTS provides free education, community development and even provides children with counseling and support groups, along with mentorship programs aiming to ease the road to college. The National/54 team found it inspiring to listen to some of the stories the kids share about how ARTS has helped them. Listed below are some of the links to the videos which helped renew the desire to donate to this organization once again this year.

1. Why kids love ARTS

2. How Creativity Heals Trauma

3. A Reason to Survive

Great choice, National/54 Self Storage! ARTS is an inspiration to us all!

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