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Carlsbad Self Storage presenting check to the Carlsbad Police Department

Community Giving Project - September 2019


The Team at Carlsbad Self Storage (CSS) is proud to provide their 2019 charitable gift to the Carlsbad Police Department’s Canine Unit. The canine program includes four active canines. The dogs endure rigorous training to enhance their obedience, agility, area/building search skills, officer protection, and narcotics detection. The canine unit is crucial to the Carlsbad Police Department for several reasons: detecting human scent, searching for illegal narcotics, and sometimes to deter suspects from fleeing. 

The CSS staff chose this charity because the Carlsbad Police Department’s Canine Unit is important for keeping the city of Carlsbad safe from criminal activity. Police dogs often help solve crimes and have become a major and irreplaceable part of law enforcement. The CSS donation will help fund training, purchasing equipment, and uniforms for the canines. This inevitably will help keep the city of Carlsbad a safe place for its citizens. 

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