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Michael Patterson: Storage Consultant at Golden Triangle Self Storage

Employee Profile of the Month - September 2019


Michael Patterson is a Storage Consultant for Golden Triangle Self Storage. He is a fairly new employee with the company- roughly eight months. Michael has been a great addition to the team since day one by putting his excellent customer service skills to work. Our customers will tell you that Michael is kind, honest, very helpful, a hard worker, and also very funny. Golden Triangle Self Storage customers will also tell you that Michael is someone who goes above and beyond to help in any way that he can. He’s known for building a contraption to help get a customer’s keys which dropped under the stairs and are out of reach. He’s been “caught” taking cold waters to customers while they work on organizing their storage units. Michael always puts customers' interests before his own. His team members appreciate this about Michael, as each member of the team is a special representation of what makes San Diego Self Storage a unique company. Michael’s favorite thing about working for Golden Triangle Self Storage is that every employee is treated like family.

Whether it’s a family event, playing board games, watching old family videos, reminiscing over great family memories, or planning the next big Mojavi Narrows family camping trip, Michael enjoys lots of family time with his siblings and his parents. When Michael isn’t spending time with his family, you will probably find him at the gym or on an amazing nature hike somewhere in San Diego. Michael’s favorite beach in San Diego is Sunset Cliffs, which he says is “a beautiful place with amazing ocean views and hiking trails that hug the cliff line… truly a breath taking place to go watch the sunset over the ocean and take in all the beauty of nature that surrounds you.”

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