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Storage Tips for the Beach


As San Diegans, we are lucky to have beach-going weather pretty much 24/7/365. But we do tend to spend more time in the sun & surf during summer months, when kids are off from school and we take time of for staycations.

To make your day in the sand a bit more safe and enjoyable, we’ve found some great storage and packing tips for the beach. Let’s start with...

How to pack the cooler:
1. Use frozen water bottles instead of ice, to keep water from seeping into food packs. Line the bottom of the cooler and the top of the cooler for even distribution. At the end of the day, those water bottles will melt and be perfectly chilled for a cold drink of water on a hot day.
2. A full cooler stays colder than a partially filled one. It’s OK to pack it up!
3. If you’ve already got a healthy snack drawer in the fridge, put that in the cooler. Finger foods and individually wrapped items are easier to eat (pictured below, left).
4. Once you are at the beach, partially bury the cooler in sand, to help keep your food and beverages cool and refreshing! Share the umbrella or put the cooler in a shady spot for a longer day at the beach.

Storing your valuables:
1. Use a lotion bottle to hide valuables. Cut off the top and stash your wallet, money, and keys. Replace the top.
2. Or, you can use a large peanut butter jar (pictured above, right) and bury it in the sand (under your blanket or chair).
3. You can also sew a wash cloth onto a corner of your beach towel to make a pocket. Put items in a sealable plastic bag, and place them inside the pocket. Lay the towel pocket-side-down so no one can see it.

General packing and clever tips for a great day at the beach:
1. Use a mesh hamper for beach toys. The sand will fall right through!
2. If you must use your phone at the beach, place it in a plastic baggie. The touch screen will still work.
3. Bring cupcake liners. They can be placed over drinks and under ice cream/popsicles.
4. Re-use plastic containers like Coffee Mate bottles to dispense snacks/crackers.
5. Make sure to bring a few trash bags for your own trash and perhaps to pick up a bit around you, leaving the beach better than you found it.
6. Place a roll of toilet paper in a plastic baggie. Public restrooms run out sometimes!

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