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Natalie at Smart Self Storage of Eastlake

Tenant Profile - Smart Self Storage of Eastlake


This is Natalie, a small business owner & current customer of ours!

We have been following along her journey with her startup designer tumbler company, Natalie Pearl Designs, for over a year now (a tumbler is a drinking glass with straight sides and no handle or stem).

When we asked her about her business, we asked “Why Rhinestone Tumbler’s?”. Natalie replied, “I’m a bougee individual – I couldn’t find any tumblers that suited my style, so I decided to make them myself”. Natalie started designing tumblers and in an instant friends, family, and coworkers started placing orders. What was supposed to be a hobby quickly spiraled into a business. In September of 2020, Natalie opened an Etsy account. She was amazed as the orders started rolling in. Her favorite aspect of the business is how in one week she can receive orders from the United Kingdom, Australia, Maldives, Brazil, Dubai, etc. She loves that her tumblers bring joy to like-minded, fashion-forward buyers from all around the globe.

She takes pride in guaranteeing that the customer gets exactly what they want. She makes sure to offer customizable options, great quality, and speedy delivery. Her best seller is the Rose Gold Tumbler because “It put her on the Map”.

rose gold tumbler

We asked Natalie why she chose Smart Self Storage of Eastlake. She mentioned that when she first started her business, her supplies started to take over her whole house. “My small business isn’t so small anymore. I used to have my supplies in my living room, then the supplies took over my spare room, then I even filled up my one-car garage. I love that I found a reliable place to store my inventory. The facility is clean, tidy, easily accessible, and right by the post office! Smart Self-Storage of Eastlake has everything I needed to organize my seasonal stock.”

We admire Natalie’s passion and dedication to perfection. We see her as the Ultimate Girl Boss who promotes creativity and wants everyone to achieve greatness. The team at Smart Self Storage loves watching her creative content on TikTok and Instagram. We wish Natalie nothing but the best with her business!

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