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The San Diego Self Storage Team Attends BOMA's Women in Leadership Event

This week, the team from San Diego Self Storage had the opportunity to engage in an empowering gathering at the BOMA Women in Leadership event. This insightful session featured a deep-dive interview with Stacy Kurko, a prominent figure in the commercial real estate sector, facilitated by BOMA's president, Melanie. The event highlighted the journey and professional insights of women in the industry, focusing on leadership, challenges, and success.

A Profile in Leadership: Stacy Kurko

Stacy Kurko, General Manager at Jay Paul Company, enriched the event with her extensive experience of over 15 years in managing Class A office properties across major cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Oakland, and San Diego. Her foundational RPA certification in 1997 and subsequent LEED AP designation in 2019 underscore her commitment to excellence and sustainability in commercial real estate. Presently, she oversees Jay Paul's vast 105-acre tech campus in Rancho Bernardo, excelling in tenant relations and construction management.

Key Insights from the Interview

Throughout the interview, Stacy shared her professional journey, providing invaluable advice for women and emerging leaders within the commercial real estate field. She emphasized the importance of confidence when navigating new roles and the value of seeking guidance when necessary.

Stacy highlighted her active participation in professional circles as the Chairperson of BOMA San Diego's Membership Committee and a Board Member at REstart San Diego, where she contributes significantly to community growth and support for economically disadvantaged individuals through education and training in property management.

Engagement of San Diego Self Storage Team

The participation of the San Diego Self Storage team underscores their dedication to fostering learning and supporting initiatives that promote women in leadership roles. Their presence at the event is part of a broader commitment to community engagement and the professional development of their staff, demonstrating a proactive approach to building a more inclusive and dynamic industry landscape.


The BOMA Women in Leadership event serves as a critical platform for dialogue and community empowerment, essential for advancing the careers of women in commercial real estate. The series promises continued opportunities for professional growth and networking, helping to shape a more inclusive industry.

San Diego Self Storage is proud to attend and support such transformative events, reflecting their commitment to the ongoing professional and personal development of themselves and the wider community.

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