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RV storage in Poway

What Should You Consider For Seasonal RV Storage?


You had an amazing vacation with your family in your RV over the winter holidays. Now you're back at home and getting back into the normal swing of life... so what are you supposed to do with your RV now?

Leaving it in your driveway isn't a good idea. This wastes a bunch of space, and it doesn't keep your RV safe either. Instead, you should find RV storage in San Diego. 

Not sure what to look for? 

We've put together this guide to show you the benefits of RV storage and what to consider before dropping your RV off for a few months. Make sure you keep reading below to get started! 

Can't I Just Store My RV in My Front Yard?

While you can store your RV on your property, that doesn't mean it's a good idea. 


You might not have the resources and supplies to ensure your RV stays in good condition while you aren't using it. For example, if you keep your RV on your property, where will you put it? Do you have enough security measures in place to prevent a person (or an animal) from damaging it?

If not, you should look for a seasonal RV storage facility in San Diego

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Storage Facility 

Aside from clearing out a large portion of space on your property, leaving your RV at a professional storage facility has a lot of other perks. Here are a few reasons you should always choose this option if you can. 

Better Security 

Professional storage facilities have security cameras. They also have tall fences and locked gates. The chances of someone sneaking in and damaging your RV (or even stealing it) are small. 

That's likely not true of your property, and if you're not using your RV, it can be an attractive shelter for someone else. Because of this, it's better to leave your RV somewhere you know it will be protected. 

Pest Infestation Protection 

Remember, an RV can be an attractive shelter for animals when you aren't using it. Since a storage facility puts your RV in the middle of a large parking lot removed from trees, bushes, and other plant growth, you won't have to worry about pests. The chances of them finding their way into your vehicle are much smaller than it would be if you left your RV in your yard, which means you won't have to start your next vacation off with a professional extermination. 

How to Get Your RV Ready for Self Storage in Southern California 

Clean everything! Yes, we really mean everything—both inside and out!

Washing and waxing the exterior of your RV will remove any debris from the surface that could potentially damage the paint over time, and it will also add a protective barrier to protect your RV from the weather conditions while in storage. Cleaning the inside will remove any dust, dirt, and food crumbs that were left inside after your last trip. This will keep pests away and make getting ready for your next vacation much faster and easier. 

Drain the Tanks

Make sure all the tanks in your RV (this includes freshwater tanks, greywater tanks, and blackwater tanks) are empty. Leaving any moisture behind can lead to mold growth, which can turn your RV into an unhealthy living space. 

Turn the Propane Off

You should always turn off your propane tank for safety reasons. This will also prevent the risk of wasting any propane while you aren't using it. 

Protect the Battery 

Turn off every electrical appliance in your RV, and then make sure you unplug them all as well. You might want to remove your battery and store it in a safe, dry area. This is especially important if you are leaving your RV in long-term storage. 

UV Protection 

Unless you are parking your RV inside a fully-enclosed garage, you should protect it with an RV cover. Don't forget about the tires! Grab a few RV tire covers and secure them in place to ensure the sun doesn't wear them down while they aren't in use. 

Finding the Right RV Storage in San Diego 

Are you looking for RV storage in the San Diego area? We've got you covered!

Make sure you take a look at our storage options for your vehicle today! If you have any questions or are ready to reserve a space for your RV, don't wait to get in touch with a member of our team at San Diego Self Storage!

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